Sometimes you just have to do something a little bit different.

Last week, I started a job at the local coffee shop. Just a few hours here and there.

It wasn’t financially needed (but it does help).

It wasn’t because I disliked being a housewife (I love it!).

It was just something I prayed about and felt led to do. I love this little coffee shop. It has the best coffee, and the foods amazing. All the girls who work there are sweet, and the atmospheres great. I felt like this would be a great experience for me, and would get me out of my comfort zone.

My first week went suprisingly well. I made coffee, I cleaned, I took customers orders. I still struggle, at times, to remember how to make certain coffee drinks; but that’s okay. I’m learning and soon I’ll have it down.

I get along well with my coworkers and boss. I meet new people. I probably drink way too much coffee.

Overall, I am so happy with this job, and so thankful to God for providing it for me.

This is a post in a series inspired by one-word writing prompts. I may not or may not do all of the prompts in order. This is where I’ve gotten my list of words: [120 one-word writing prompts]

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