So, a few weeks back a friend of my posted this photo: Of course, being the Christian girl that I am, I had to post the (two) Christian song(s) that mean a lot to me at this point in my life. The first one was: It is well with my soul by Horatio Spafford (This [...]



Hey everyone! Its been a few days; things have been a little busy over here. But I finally have a moment to sit down and write. Even though I have been busy, I am so grateful to God. I have a lovely house, wonderful husband, and a great job. I have the energy to get [...]


Sometimes you just have to do something a little bit different. Last week, I started a job at the local coffee shop. Just a few hours here and there. It wasn't financially needed (but it does help). It wasn't because I disliked being a housewife (I love it!). It was just something I prayed about [...]

Day Twenty-one – Duolingo Challenge: Spanish

Hola! Bienvenidos to day twenty-one of this challenge! Today is another quick day of learning occupations! Today we are going to go over two lessons and finish off this lesson! ProfesiĆ³n = profession Trabajo = work Sacerdote = priest Ingeniero = engineer Panadero = baker Mesero = waiter Cajero = cashier Conductor = conductor/driver Cocinero [...]

Day Twenty – Duolingo Challenge: Spanish

So... it has been awhile. Hola! Welcome! Today, I finally buckled down and got caught up in Duolingo. The last few weeks have been hetics; I've had finals week, guests over for a week, and Easter week at church. I spent those weeks trying to get caught back up in Duolingo where all my past [...]

Housewife Monday: Where have I been?

Hey! Welcome to Housewife Monday.... on a Tuesday. Things have be a little stressful over here on my end, so let me give you an update. Last week was finals week for my husband and I. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am a college student. At my college, you take one class [...]